Spring -The Chris Schilder Quintet featuring Mankuku

April 3, 2014

Spring 2014






  spring has finally arrived here in Holland and the whole world seems to change.  The sweet smell of flowers in bloom, the soothing mild temperature, the right mood to select a fitting soundtrack. On my last South African record safari I was quite surprised to find this exceptionally rare LP, the vinyl is in quite good condition, but the cover is missing the front. Oh well, it is easier to find a raw diamond in the sands of Namibia then to locate a black Jazz album in South Africa.

The most surprising element came when I looked up this release on flatinternational and found out that my copy was released in 1974 on the UP UP UP label. The release on Atlantic City dates from 1979  so I guess this must be the very first pressing unless some whizkidd proves me wrong.

chris schilder quintet -cover back gecomp

chris schilder quintet -spring label A gecomp_1

chris schilder quintet -spring label B gecomp_1

chris schilder + Phillip


gilbert matthews pic

mankunku pic




1.1 Spring
(Chris Schilder)
1.2 Before the Rain and After
(Chris Schilder)
1.3 Look Up
(Chris Schilder)
2.4 The Birds
(Chris Schilder)
2.5 You Don’t Know What Love Is
(Raye, De Paul)


GARRY KRIEL – guitar

Reissued on CD by Gallo Record Company in 2007. The CD features Mankunku’s first two albums and is titled Yakhal’ Inkomo after his first record became South Africa’s best selling jazz record of all time. Spring is Mankunku’s second and it’s scarcity can be attributed to a fire at the EMI factory which destroyed the original master tapes.

source: flatinternational


wildlife photo safari -Addo Elephant Park

March 25, 2014

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see also on safari 


yebo from Joyce Matiwane

March 20, 2014

Joyce Matiwana

yebo! My name is Joyce Matiwane, I am a Xhosa woman living in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. My friend Eddy gave me the cd Township Jive & Kwela Jazz Volume 2 and I want to let you know that I am so happy he did. He asked me which song I like best but I cannot choose since I love the whole collection.

As a young girl I used to dance to this music because my mother had a radio in our house and jive and kwela music were very popular styles of music at the time. I still dance to it whenever I hear it. It brings a smile to my face, it is such happy music.

Joyce Matiwane works at Pam Golding properties in Kenton-on-Sea, EC, SA


on safari

March 11, 2014

Horace Silver Trio -Safari

at present time I am on a safari throughout South Africa hunting for records. My posts will not be that regular as normal as I have limited access to computers and stuff but I had to post this one. Travelling through the small town of Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape a rather remarkable workshop caught my attention; Wild Africa Taxidermy. It is one of the few workshops in South Africa where trophies of hunted animals are being conserved and shipped all over the world.

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A friendly guide gave me the tour and explained some of the work being done in the workshop. Making a trophy is considered here as a form of art. The process of the transformation of the killed animal into a well conserved and stuffed trophy goes something like this:

-after the kill the animal is immediately skinned and the meat is being sold or given to the local people. Then the skin, horns and all other body parts are being brought into the workshop

-all parts are being cleaned into a chemical bath

-skins are covered with salt, bones and some body parts are bleached

-skins are dried and peeled of any fat

-skins and all body parts are being mounted on a polyester mold

-the finished product, the trophy is now ready for delivery to the hunter or collector

I understood that hunters from all over the world, especially the USA, India and China are paying big bucks for a permit to kill a rhino, or other species of the so-called big five; elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and lion. The permits are distributed to the highest bidder. Sometimes a hunter will pay up to a half million dollar for a permit to kill a rhinoceros. I was informed that only old bulls and sick animals of this endangered species can be hunted.

The horn of a rhino is not being accepted by the staff of Wild Africa Taxidermy , it is replaced by a polyester placebo on the mold. Illegal poaching is not permitted and the workshop is being controlled extensively on a regular base for rare and endangered species.

The rare rhino is mostly shipped to China and the USA where some hunters take great pride in having a trophy of this endangered species on their walls. My guide told me that some people just kill a crocodile to have a rather peculiar floormat for their bathrooms. And what to think of a unique coffee table made of zebra feet!

I rather collect vinyl records then any stuffed animal but the bizarre practice of taxidermy is intriguing and no longer a mystery to me. But boy, was I glad to leave that workshop!

elephants feet 2


Kaveri Special -highlife and soukous music from Finland

February 14, 2014

Kaveri Special -photo by Jerry Ylkanen

Kaveri Special are four guys from Finland who share a love for sunny and funky tropical rhythms. Their eponymous debut album features songs that pay tribute to classic African guitar music from the 70s and 80s, particularly highlife and soukous music. The songs on the album are all written by the members of the band. At live gigs they have also been performing covers by Kenya’s Orchestra Super Mazembe and Nigeria’s Prince Nico Mbargo. The lyrics of the band’s own material are all in  Finnish and include such topics as trains, elevators and dogs. The word “kaveri” itself means ‘friend’ in Finnish and the band wishes to become friends with audiences around the globe.

The album was recorded and mixed in autumn 2013 in Helsinki. The band wanted to go for a classic 70s sound filled with warmth and vintage charm. Kaveri Special’s debut-album will be released in March 2014 as 12″ vinyl and mp3 downloads via iTunes.

Well recommended listening!


see the website of Kameri Special

Kaveri_Special_photo_by_Jonne Renvall

Kaveri Special -photo by Jonne Renvall

 Kimmo Kivistö – drums, vocals /Tuomas Palonen – vocals, guitar /Tino Puisto – bass/ Jonne Renvall – vocals, guitar





Edi Niederlander @Folk’73 Humerail Hall in Port Elizabeth,1973

February 7, 2014
edi niederlander

Edi Niederlander

Edi Niederlander -Mr Supercool (1976)

Edi Niederlander -Hangman(1976)

Edi Niederlander is one of South Africa’s most respected and enduring artists. Her bluesy voice and superb playing of the acoustic and electric guitars made her reputation as an outstanding performer.

Edi’s first two albums -’Ancient Dust’ (1985) and ‘Hear No Evil’ (1989) – are well known, admired, and a little rare. Some biographies start her career in the year 1985 but the following record that I post here today shows other dates, Edi Niederlander’s first recording was released as early as 1973.

Edi Niederlander -Brother John (1973)

Edi Niederlander -Dust Of Africa (1973)

Imagine Edi singing live to a receptive crowd of lovers of folk music back then. The place: Humerail Hall in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The dates: 11th and 12th of May 1973. The FOLK ’73 festival was organised by the Four Winds Music Club and the crowd came from afar. Colourful alternative ‘free’ minds gathered to hear the finest crop of local South African white folk music. That year Edi Niederlander made her debut at the festival. The succes of the yearly gathering and the quality of the line-up guaranteed a successive series of events. Private vinyl pressings of the live recordings during the festival were released in limited editions of 500 copies, only in South Africa. Some included a handwritten info sheet. Rare and obscure records that are highly collectible nowadays. Hear the announcement by the MC at the introduction of the 1974 festival, the record has just been released and five copies are for sale!

FOLK 74 Introduction FESTIVAL


At the time of her performance Edi played an acoustic guitar and sang songs of strong political conviction as well as lyrics highlighting feminist issues.

The song ‘Ancient Dust of Africa’ became a ‘hit’ for Edi after being featured as a title theme for the film based on the Percy Fitzpatrick novel, ‘Jock of the Bushveld’.

After laying low for the whole of the ’90′s ‘ Edi released ‘Dreamland’, a joyful, jazz-flecked and diverse collection of Niederlander originals and a compelling, eclectic and consistently entertaining piece of work.


FOLK ’73 live @ 4 Winds Folk Club May 1974 S.AFRICA Bootleg Records -private pressing- BLP 103/104, South Africa 1973

includes ‘Brother Folk’ by Edi Niederlander -credited as Edi Nederlander


FOLK ’76 live @ 4 Winds Folk Club May 1974 S.AFRICA Bootleg Records -private pressing- BLP 103/104, South Africa 1976

includes 3 tracks by Edi Niederlander

ANCIENT DUST (1984) Mountain MOU442


Reflections From Pre-Liberation South Africa (2011)


Source http://www.rock.co.za/legends/2000plus/edi_dreamland.html


Another Rebel Up! Soundclash night coming up with a sweet line up of special guests.

February 3, 2014


Another Rebel Up! Soundclash night coming up with a sweet line up of special guests in Amsterdam. Wish U were here!

East London musician A.J.Holmes is the founding member & singer of A.J. Holmes & The Hackney Empire band, who play a marriage of afro-pop and soukous paired with traditional pop sensibilities as a serious warm vibe. A.J. learned to play African *palm wine* guitar music from Folo Graff who played with Sierra Leonese legend S.E. Rogie (thé king of palm wine guitar music) and from that moment on he got totally sucked into African music which also resulted into co-organising the succesfull Secousse club nights of tropical madness in London together with global electronic duo Radioclit (M.I.A., The Very Best, Amadou & Mariam). On our night he will play a solo palm wine guitar set as warmup, followed by a super special set with guitar & dj decks at the same time for a unique approach of his mixed African sound. We can only say; not to be missed! Listen to his mixtape & songs of what to expect.

dj Alex Figueira, born in Venezuala with Brazilian roots, has a BIG passion for vinyl; he is the co owner of the fine Vintage Voudou vinyl shop in A’dam, a grand collector of vintage African and Latin vinyls, runs the Music With Soul label, assists with Red Light Radio, and even finds time to play in the bands Fumaça Preta & Conjunto Papa Upa. This passionate spinning man will sure make you bounce & swing with his special delicious selections from the tropics. and oh, it’s his birthday party!!!

Support as ever by your interlocal Rebel Up! Soundclash dj’s with all kinda fruity & spicy global dance tunes.

A night with vintage & latest dance tunes from Africa, Latin America & Carribean isles by Rebel Up! dj’s, A.J. Holmes & Alex Figueira!

6€ in, profits go to charity!
Brazilian NGO Tiaozinho > a sports project for children and adolescents in one of the Sao Paulo favela’s

Hope to see you around!

FB event here.

from 22u30 to 4u
Amstelveenseweg 134

1075 XL A’dam Oud-Zuid
more info > http://www.rebelup.org/ + http://www.occii.org/


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