The Don Albert Combo -Dinner (not breakfast) at Tiffany’s

Restaurant Tiffany’s is represented on the album ‘Johannesburg Night Club Festival’  by a few musical selections,  although not credited, by The Don Albert Combo. Here is a rare album by that group recorded on their turf.  One can hear the usual standards done Don Albert’s style with some unexpected choices like ‘ Soul Bossa Nova’,  ‘The House of Bamboo’ and a twistin’ version of  ‘All my lovin’

The Don Albert Combo -Soul Bossa Nova

In Commissioner Street, known as the ‘Gay, White Way’ of Johannesburg, Tiffany’s -a hop, skip and a jump away from the heart of Theatreland- stands out like a diadem in a crown of jewels. Lush in its comfort, exciting in its atmosphere, under the genial direction of Rene Wildi, that man of international cuisine fame, the most delectable of foods are served and the wine list has available at your command the most selective vintages.

Fully air-conditioned so that diners are comfortably at ease regardless of summer heat or wintry blasts outside, Tiffany’s has the ideal climate at all times. Because of its convivial air, pleasing lightning, carpeted flooring and personal attention service, it has become the favourite nightspot for celebrities and others who have fastidious taste in wining and dining. Music provided by Don Albert and his Combo is a soothing background while you dine, and as the evening draws on becomes exhilarating for those who want to dance or an adventurous, musical experience for those who prefer to listen.

The Don Albert Combo -The House of Bamboo

The Don Albert Combo -Hello Dolly

The Don Albert Combo -All my lovin’

The Don Albert Combo -dancing in the dark

South African-born Don Albert is a musician filled with the spirit of adventure. An accomplished master of the reed instruments, it was not enough to follow the arrangements and style of other leaders in the field of modern, popular music. For Don Albert wanted to create a new sound, a new style and at the same time include much of the traditional of old and new Jazz. By trial and error, after spending hundreds of hours in searching for the right combination, he at last succeeded. Veteran, knowledgeable musicians and critics have described his Combo as the ‘mightiest little band’ ever to come to town. Not only is Don Albert adept at all the reed instruments, but much of the vocals on this LP are provided by him. It was only fitting that Don Albert and his new creative style, his outstanding accomplishments in modern musical performance should be part of Tiffany’s -South Africa’s unusually outstanding restaurant for dining, wining and dancing.

from the original liner notes from the LP

The Don Albert Combo -dinner (not breakfast) at Tiffany’s

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