…thank you all for the support and for listening to the music on these pages.

This week  starts with another slice of Zulu Jive and Marabi Jive  as featured in the YEBO! series…part 3

there’s little information on the artists so I hope that the labels and mp3’s  of these rare 45’s bring some joy….

Olive Masinga -indlela enhle

Izintombi Zesi Manje Maje -lobola mgca

Indoba Band -keep on jiving (part 1)

Retsi & The Jacaranda Girls -manikiniki

Makgona Tsohle Band -Marabi blues

4 thoughts on “YEBO! Zulu Vocal & Jive, Marabi Jive pt 3

  1. All I can say is… wow. I love the soul and jazz-infused Makgona Tsohle Band 45rpm, it is one I had never come across previously. Thank you for sharing these musical treasures, they are all sublime and are all very much appreciated.

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