one of the seven black languages of South Africa is Shangaan. It is spoken by a large group of people living mainly in southern Mozambique in Maputo and in Gaza Province; there is also a large Shangaan grouping in Limpopo Province in South Africa. In South Africa the Shangaan are called the Tsonga.

See also my previous post on the Makwaya Dance by the Amakwaya Shangaan tribe

The songs on the album ‘Xiverengi Nr 1’  by G.T. Makhubele are sung in Shangaan.  The disc is probably a demo or promotion copy, pressed by Gallo  in 1994. Was this record ever commercially released ?

Who is G.T.? No record cover nor liner notes to verify.  Google did not bring any further insight so the music will have to speak for itself.  Mystery record of the week!

GT Makhubele -E Hotel

GT Makhubele -Imani Mubiwa Kinari

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