... a close-up of a player of the Angola National football team during the 27th Orange CAF Nations Cup final in Luanda, Angola on January 10th 2010.

this photograph in today’s newspaper caught my eye for a long time and it inspired me to  look  for a few songs that fit the mood.

The face tells a story, not only because of the match the guy just played but probably his stare reflects the terror and brutal attacks that had happened just before last sunday

While the Angolans were expecting their team to make it to the final of the competition and even win the cup, the Malians brought them back to reality, the match ended in a disappointing 4-4.

The day before, gunmen in the Cabinda province had opened fire with machine guns at a bus carrying Togo’s national football team players and officials to the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola, wounding many of them, killing 2 officials. The fate of the remaining matches in Cabinda is unknown at this time but they are thought to be going ahead as planned.

so dear reader, you may ask yourself; what is the link between the featured news item and Soul Safari?

Well, the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa and music of course…as flashes came of Brazilian futebol and  the great Pelé.  And the batucada drumming of the torchida, supporters with drums and percussion.

On this rather unusual recording Pelé sings his own compositions, accompanying himself on guitar.  The rhythm may be lacking but the spirit remains.

From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ‘Pelé’ 1977  Atlantic/Warner Brothers US

Pele -Cidade Grande (big city)

produced and arranged by Sergio Mendes.

Samba de Futebol -Torcida do Flamenco -Pele interval

from the album  ‘Samba de Futebol’ by Grupo Batuque  comes the commentary by Pele to complete the experience and capture the excitement of the stadium during a live recording from inside the Maracana (Rio) or Morumbi (Sao Paolo). This snatch of classic radio commentary and the drumming of batucada  and torchida chanting gives an idea of the passion and depth of feeling involved.

Everyone will be looking forward to plenty more of those matches during the  coming Fifa World Cup in South Africa.  Ek sê!

Pelé -Cidade Grande (big city) from the OST  ‘Pelé’ 1977  Atlantic/Warner Brothers US

‘Samba de Futebol’ by Grupo Batuque Far Out Records 1998 UK

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