Nigerian musician Aleke Kanonu is quite unknown yet he has worked with numerous jazz artists in the USA.

He sang and played kalimba and congas with Stanley Cowell on the album entitled ‘Regeneration’ on Strata-East in 1976.

In 1980 came  ‘Aleke’,  a great afro-beat LP with jazz musicians like Wynton Marsalis.

A year later, an obscure 12″  was recorded in New York with Mr Tolbert , entitled “Happiness / Nwanne, Nwanne, Nwanne”.

Wicked sound! Dig Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango et al but then you are going to love this

Aleke Kanonu meets Tolbert The Miracle Man -Nwanne, Nwanne, Nwanne

I lost track of this record until last night while browsing thru my Disco section where it was stored. Last night changed it all!! I remember buying this , way back in NYC at the time when it was released. There was a short-lived buzz with a few key jocks and interest from the shops but due to short supply it disappeared into obscurity. Rare and highly desirable.

3 thoughts on “Aleke Kanonu -Nwanne, Nwanne, Nwanne

  1. Aleke lleft Ny in the 80s. He now lives in port harcort Nigeria and still plays occasionally in local clubs. He is in his late 60s. I met him last in 2002. Where he played me some congas. A couple on his records like nwane. Which means brother are on utube

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