Pat Matshikiza -piano

Kippie Moketsi -Alto Saxophone

Basil ‘Mannenberg’ Coetzee -Tenor Saxophone

Sipho Mabuse -Drums

Alec Khaoli -Bass

Dennis Phillips -Alto Sax (on Tshona only)

Produced by Rashid Vally

tracklisting LP


Stop and Start


Kippie’s Prayer

here’s the single version released in 1975

Pat Matshikiza & Kippie Moketsi -Tshona pt 1

8 thoughts on “SA Jazz -Pat Matshikiza & Kippie Moketsi -Tshona! The Sun

  1. I stay in Cape Town and I’ve searched all the music Stores looking for this cd but I could not find it please guys help me out where can I get this CD I really need it

  2. Rashid Vally is sitting on many of these South African gems. It was mentioned a few years ago that they were going to re-release some of the albums on the SUN catalogue. So far I have not seen any in the music stores. Hopefully some enterepeneur from beyond our borders is not going to take over the catalogue and we will not see these recordings in our stores here.

  3. I need to buy a Tshona-CD by Pat Matshikiza&Kippie Moketsi released in 1975-Gallo/The Sun

    1. I am not sure where you can find the Tshone CD. If it has been released in South Africa, you should be able to track it down at a quality music store. Otherwise another reader can inform, anyone?

  4. would like to know where can i get this precious cd of pat and kippie .cell 0842888557 plz good poeple.

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