Amagugu -Ingabe Likuphi Iphutha-Zulu Vocal

February 24, 2010

Amagugu -Ingabe Likuphi Tphutha

Amagugu -Ho’ He Cnasho Mina

Amagugu is an obscure band from Kwazulu Natal. The album ‘Ingabe Likuphi Iphutha’, a Chocolate City release of 1981,  is interesting for the choral singing and instrumentation. Mainly songs with a boogie beat, spiritual as well, but always with a beat one can easily dance to.

“Amagugu” means treasure  in Zulu and that is all the information I could find on this band. Not to be confused with the traditional Zulu group  Amagugu Akwazulu. Mystery record of the week!

One comment

  1. I’m attempting to compile biography and discograhy info for Amagugu. Would love to see Side 2 of that LP!

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