greetings to all of you who visit these pages. After spending two months in the glorious summer of South Africa I just came back  to Amsterdam where the Dutch winter is hopefully near over. I brought back a few boxes of rare vinyl this time, lots of 45’s and a few great SA Jazz albums, hopefully some of this music  will warm the cockles of your heart.

It is quite amazing to find records like these in the wild, sometimes hidden in boxes of the usual thrift store stock. One has to dig deep to find treasures like this…

this post is about girl groups;  Zulu Jive Vocal from the mid 60’s up to 1984. The  two titles on Motella are by the Dima Sisters and Mthunzini Girls, two group names that were probably fabricated to cover the work of studio regulars of the Mavuthela recording team.

Mthunzini Girls -Uyangibiza 1967

Dima Sisters -Limathunzi 1968

The Mahlatini Queens -Asibonisane 1974

S’Modern Girls -Bantwana Base Afrika 1984

Other names like the S’Modern Girls remain totally obscure. The 78rpm disc by ‘The S’Modern Dolls’,  from the mid 60’s,  is probably by the same group recording under another name.

This disc is a true novelty as the record was pressed at 78 rpm speed, not on shellac but on vinyl. 78rpm records were pressed in South Africa throughout the 1960’s, long after nearly every other country with a record industry had abandoned the speed. So switching from  shellac to vinyl while pressing records on 78 rpm format must have been a short-lived experiment of an industry in transition. I’ve never seen a record like this before although the Plastik label has produced many 45’s  by producer David Thekwane.

6 thoughts on “Township Jive & Boogie pt 4 -Zulu Vocal Girl Groups

  1. Wow, you’ve managed to dig some fantastic gems – beautiful tunes, many thanks for sharing your great finds. Particularly love the rare Motella 45s (naturally!)

    Without meaning to sound greedy… will there be there more to come?

  2. Haven’t visited your blog in a while. Thanks for continuing with you’re great work. I especially liked “The Alexander Shamer Boys” post from a while back.
    keep it up!

  3. Thanks a million for the wonderful gift please keep digging your work is precious and unspoiled.

  4. I am lookin for a RSA Zulu song called “Yimi Nawe Enkundleni” by
    Uguluva Ne Smodern Girls. We danced to this vinyl song in the early 1970s. Please anyone who knows how I can get it can whatsapp +263778252560. I will give a monetary appreciation definitely.

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