that’s right folks, we started this blog exactly 1 year ago so today it’s the birthday of Soul Safari! Thanks to all visitors of these pages; for your comments, your suggestions and the links.  Keep sending them, it’s very much appreciated.

To celebrate this occasion we present a groovy, funky mix of soul and boogie tunes for your ears only… all records come from our own archives, highlighting the golden African disco days, mid to late 70’s.  Some rare 45’s  by  Patti Boulaye,  (born Patricia Ngosi Ebigwei, 1954),  a British singer, actress  and politician, and who was one of the leading black British entertainers in the seventies and eighties. In her native Nigeria, she is best remembered for starring in the Lux commercials which ran in the eighties.

Letta Mbulu  is a more established South African artist with an impressive career that spans a few continents, her contribution to the mix is ‘Kilimanjaro’, a gorgeous slab of African boogie-disco. That voice!

And the list goes on with some real funky versions of ‘Take me to the river’ by Mara Lauw, ‘Get it’ by The Symbols, a discofied version of ‘Put it where you want it’,  originally a hit for The Crusaders.  And more African cover versions of American boogie & disco hits…

Here’s the full list

01. Mara Louw -Take Me To The River

02. Patti Boulaye -Funky Love

03. The Sakie Special Band -Groovy Cats

04. The Movers -Guava Jelly

05. Sylvia King -Shoorah! Shoorah!

06. Jackie -Disco Jack

07. Fani & The Guys -You Promised Me

08. Blondie -Overtime

09. The Pedlars – At The Club

10. The Pedlars -Right On

11. The K.C.’s -Kansas City Instrumental

12. The Square Set -Love Theme

13. Pappa & Blondie Makhene -Boogie On Up

14. The Movers -Freaky Disco

15. Green Apple -Funky Fever

16. The Symbols -Get It

17. John Moriri & Manzini Girls -We Gogo

18. Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje -Omzala Bakho

19. Manzini Girls -Afro Wig

20. Soul Brothers -Bayeza

21. Pappa & Blondie Makhene -Don’t Burn Your Bridges

22. The Explosions -Mama Wami

23. The Blue Revues  -Spook Mahala

24. The Big Six -Kitla Kola Kuang

25. Letta Mbulu -Kilimanjaro

download Township Soul & Boogie -At The Club here

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