Described  by The Star, one of the most widely read daily newspapers in South Africa, as the “young jazz musician most identified and the most hardworking  artist of his generation”,  Zim  is the rising star of South African jazz.

The recognition came to Zim after starting late. Born in 1959 in Port Elizabeth, Zim was the latest in a family of five children. He only took up the flute at age 21. He obtained a degree in jazz studies at the University of Natal. With the orchestra of the university, “Jazzanians” , he visited the United States where he could work with Archie Shepp, Yusef Lateef, William Parker.

On his return to South Africa in the early 90s, he worked in groups of veterans Abdullah Ibrahim and Hugh Masekela. He also spent considerable time and energy to the development of courses of varying sizes, from the quartet or jazz quintet so dear to the drums for peace orchestra. With this group of one hundred musicians, he directs and for which he is a saxophone soloist, he played on the occasion of the inauguration of President Mandela.

Multi-instrumentalist Zim controls all wind instruments, he also plays the piano. Add to this a striking voice, which he uses to spice up some pieces. His music draws as much from folk traditions of South Africa and the Indian and European art music, but remains true to the values of freedom, originality and improvisation of jazz. In 2001, his second album, won him five Zimphonic following SAMA nominations, and he gets 3 including “Best Male Artist”. In 2005, he composed the music for the film ‘Zulu Love Letter’.

Zim Ngqawana-Ebhofolo This Madness

Zim Ngqawana Quartet plays the Rio Loco Festival, Toulouse France on Saturday June 19th 2010, scheduled time 23h30

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