Soul Brothers

Inspired by the 60’s boom in American Soul, many South African performers entered the field with an organ, a bass-and-drum rhythm section and an electric guitar. In the mid 70’s the disco beat took over but the main ingredients remained almost the same.

The Soul Brothers formed in 1974 and recorded over 30 albums since their formation. Initially formed in KwaZulu Natal, the group have remained the slickest and most successful proponents of the mbaqanga sound which dominated South African urban music for over three decades.

here’s a few other Soul Brothers & Sisters recordings following the same path, both titles produced by C.B. Matiwane in 1977-1978…

Soul Sisters -Mtakwethu

Success -Robalang Ka Khotso

Recommended Listening:

Soul Brothers -Soul Of Soweto

EWM Records 1991 Germany LP 831 681

Text contains excerpts from article by Steve Gordon 2004

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