Good day to all. Thanks to all those good people who left suggestions  and comments for these pages the past few days…it’s appreciated. Do leave comments, it’s the only way to screen your thoughts, wishes and complaints…

A new series starts this week; Play Of The Day, a daily post of a single 45 released in South Africa.

Today; The Soul Girls ‘Thathani’/’Machini’, a joyous slice of  Jive sung in the Xhosa language,  released in 1969 on City Special label. The song structure of side A & B is almost identical; same song, only different words and titles. Probably, the original recording was a longer jam split in 2 different sides of a 45 record with different words to each title. Common practice in South African music, notice the excellent jazzy sax by an unknown player…

Hope you enjoy this new series Play Of The Day, your daily dose of South African music.

The Soul Girls -Thathani

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