Play Of The Day -Letta Mbulu -Kilimanjaro 1981

September 14, 2010

Play Of The Day is one of Letta Mbulu’s great South African singles released in 1981 on the Munjale label; the disco-influenced “Kilimanjaro” with “Help Me Somebody” on the b-side.

Letta Mbulu -Kilimanjaro

All that’s important on Letta’s career can be found on the authoritative site of Doug Payne so I refer to this site for more info and a (almost) complete biography.

‘Oluwa (Many Rains Ago)’ was originally written by Caiphus Semenya years before it was included as the African theme in the  soundtrack for the TV movie ‘Roots’ (1977), composed and arranged by Quincy Jones.

Letta Mbulu -Oluwa (Many Rains Ago) African version

One comment

  1. I’ve listened to Nomalizo since age 14, ‘75 and it is always new…in a sense, it shaped me…. in my architecture I try to reclaim the village old time feeling…I’ve done it somewhat…see http://www.shadaonline.co.ke Thanks Letta. btw you remind me of Martha Karua

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