Chris Joris is a Belgian musician who  has contributed to numerous projects like Aksak Maboul’s holy grail ” Onze danses pour combattre la migraine (1977)”,  various Jo Lemaire albums and jazz-legend Toots Thielemans a.o. and who has released a few   albums in his own right. Most of these titles will be unknown to some listeners but the music definitely deserves your attention.

Chris is a remarkably talented musician who combines authentic West African percussion with unusual sound-scapes on piano, accompanied by the voices of the African members of his band. The album ‘Usiku mu mgini (A night in the village)’ by the group Bula Sangoma was released in 1985 on an obscure Belgian label African export, probably a private pressing. It has been on my turntable ever since I found this gem, just a few weeks ago.

Bula-Sangoma – YoYoiwe

Members of Bula Sangoma are

Cecile Kayirebwa (vocals) born in Kigali, Rwanda. Her father comes from a long line of artists, dancers, poets, storytellers, singers.

Chris Joris (berimbau, percussion, piano) from Belgium

Dieudonné Kabongo (percussion, vocals) born in Congo, Brazzaville

Jean Mutsari (bass gitar, contrabas, vocals)

Ken Ndiaye (vocals) comes from Senegal

Rifi Kythouka (percussion, vocals) from Congo Brazzaville.

Other releases by Chris Joris

-Oratorio Ishango (2003)
-Bihogo (1995)
-Songs for Mbizo (1991)

6 thoughts on “Play Of The Day -Bula Sangoma -YoYoiwe 1985

  1. hello,
    I have looked up and turned website upside down just for the song ‘Usiku mu mgini (A night in the village)’ by the group Bula Sangoma..I would like to know where i can download the song. Its a classic indeed

  2. Wonderful post. These were my people…Mme Kayirebwa is actually my mother. I followed the band at many of their concerts, assisted their rehearsals and was a teenager when all the members who were all talented solo artists in their own right came together to form this amazing panafrican band in the early 80’s.

    It sadden me to it is not available digitally bcoz as you said it was a private press on a label their put together just for this unique release.

    Let’s keep in touch please….it’s great work you do. Maybe we can explore some synergy…

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