This movie has it all: Interracial Sex, Female Nudity, A Very Long Title, Suicide Attempt, Profanity In Title and above all a script that is racistic, xenophobic, politically incorrect… but the soundtrack is a superb blend of Afro-Beat and atmospheric collages.

The Canadian production ‘How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired’ (Comment faire l’amour avec un nègre sans se fatiguer)  is based on the book by Dany Laferrière written in 1985. Today the film is as fresh and relevant as when it first premiered in 1989. With raunchy humor and a working-class intellectualism, Laferrière’s narrator wanders the slums of Montreal, has sex with white women, and writes a book to save his life. Racial and sexual politics collide in this cult classic that launched Laferrière as one of North America’s finest literary provocateurs like Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller, James Baldwin and Charles Bukowski.

Manu Dibango wrote a number of spherical snapshots and a few strong songs that are good to listen to without the accompanying images.

Manu Dibango -Lokobobe

Moreover, it is not his first soundtrack. In 1977 Manu composed music for the following films; ‘L’Herbe Sauvage’ (Ivory Coast), ‘Ceddo’ (Senegal), ‘Le Prix De La Liberté’ (Cameroun) and in 1987 he contributed his music to ‘Les Keufs’,  a French film by Josiane Balasko.

Manu Dibango -Bolingo City

Manu Dibango, born Emmanuel Dibango N’Djoké on 12 December 1933 in Douala, Cameroon) is a Cameroonian saxophonist and vibraphone player. He developed a musical style fusing jazz, funk and traditional Cameroonian music. His sound is a vision of the future; Afro-electro-funk-style. Manu defines himself as an African European. See also my previous post on Manu Dibango here

For  recent releases, concert dates and more info check Manu Dibango’s offical website.

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