my previous post on Sissoko Bakary & Daouda Diabaté -Des Ballets Africains De Keita Fodéba featured an EP that was part of a series of French recordings.

Today’s post is about another record in the same series with catalog nr. EPL 7257, released in the late 50’s.

Kouyate Kandia is a singer and guitarist, from the mountainous region of Fouta-Djallon in Guinea, the former French Guinee, sometimes called Guinee-Conakry. He was discovered by Keita Fodéba who added him to the cast of Les Ballets Africains,  an all African-star performance that premiered at  Theatre Etoile de Paris on November of 1952 in Paris. It was an instant success. Keita Fodéba moved the production to Africa in 1955 and toured the continent for six years to become the national dance company of Guinea. His life is as spectacular as it is tragic. After he became Minister of Defense in Guinea in 1961 his life ended in jail, where he was murdered.

Musician sensitive and delicate,  guitarist Kandia Kouyate is equally blessed with an exceptional voice, a mezzo-soprano. He sings about love and the virtues of tradional African society in traditional songs from Soudan and Guinee.

Kouyate Kandia -Des Ballets Africains De Keita Fodéba

Vogue EPL 7257 France

side 1

1. Nina (Haute Guinee)

2. Toubaka (Guinee)

side 2

3. Malissadio (Soudan)

4. Chant De Rejouissance w/ choir of men and women


guitar; Koyah Marof, Kante Facelli

tam tam; Raphael Wigbert

maracas; Maninka

choir of men and women

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