‘Soul Fiesta’,  originally recorded by Manu Dibango and re-released in 2002 on the French label Versatile Records as a remix by hot Parisian producers team Chateau Flight. Strangely enough I cannot locate the original song  in my album collection of Manu Dibango. Or even 45’s.  Can anyone shine a light in what year  ‘Soul Fiesta’ originally came out?? On which label? Was it French Fiesta? Your input is appreciated…

….thanks to reader Afrikola for the following update; ‘…This came out on the album ‘Afrodelic’ as Fiesta 360.058 in 1973 and got re-released on Hi&Fly Records, H&F 0019 in 2006′.

Manu Dibango Soul Fiesta original version

This 12″ features  a full rhythm mix + this version without drums

Manu Dibango -Soul Fiesta Chateau Flight Rmx No Drumz Mix instrumental 

6 thoughts on “Manu Dibango vs Chateau Flight -Soul Fiesta

  1. Hi Eddie .This came out on Fiesta 360.058 in 1973 and got re-released on Hi&Fly Records, H&F 0019 in 2006. There was also some different remixes on the excellent Manu Dibango B-Sides CD that features his work on marimba and vibraphone. Musical Greetings Afrikola

  2. Hi all, “Soul Fiesta” was first released on the LP “Africadelic” on the AMI label in 1973. The image is the correct image of that LP. The Fiesta release was from 1975 with a different cover design. There was also a release on Mondiophone with the same cover design as the Fiesta version, but issued as library music.

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