today’s post brings you an exclusive preview of one of my own recordings made in South Africa in 2010. New songs came to life during those sessions;  ‘Miss Ghana (Afro Baby)’ and ‘Poem for a Coral Reef’.   Both songs are dear to me as I had the change to work with young South African singers Yemu Matibe and Alungile Sixishe and Ghanese reggae supremo Consular. And now, I am proud to present the new remixes of ‘Coral Reef’ and 2 more…

“Afrocentric EP” 

Three brand new 2011 remixes by Dutch producer/dj Orlando Voorn

1. Miss Ghana (Afro Baby) -Orlando Voorn’s Afro Dub Step mix 7:50

2. Coral Reef-Orlando Voorn’s  Extended Remix 9:34

3. Topaz -Orlando Voorn’s Culture Club Extended Remix 8:34



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Original versions can be found on the album ‘Musique Exotique’

(Ubuntu Publishing 2010. UP 2010.002 )

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