Afrocentric EP – ‘Miss Ghana (Afro Baby)’ Afro dub step RMX

May 17, 2011

today’s post brings you an exclusive preview of one of my own recordings made in South Africa in 2010. New songs came to life during those sessions;  ‘Miss Ghana (Afro Baby)’ and ‘Poem for a Coral Reef’.   Both songs are dear to me as I had the change to work with young South African singers Yemu Matibe and Alungile Sixishe and Ghanese reggae supremo Consular. And now, I am proud to present the new remixes of ‘Coral Reef’ and 2 more…

“Afrocentric EP” 

Three brand new 2011 remixes by Dutch producer/dj Orlando Voorn

1. Miss Ghana (Afro Baby) -Orlando Voorn’s Afro Dub Step mix 7:50

2. Coral Reef-Orlando Voorn’s  Extended Remix 9:34

3. Topaz -Orlando Voorn’s Culture Club Extended Remix 8:34



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Original versions can be found on the album ‘Musique Exotique’

(Ubuntu Publishing 2010. UP 2010.002 )

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