Good day to all. Today’s post starts the week with a rare 45 rpm single on Troubadour Records from South Africa. The pressing plays with a noisy hiss so  I have removed some of the worst hiss and crackle. Not much is known about the artist, just the fact that Mario De Conceiçao was a saxophone player and both tracks on this single are instrumentals  in the Saxophone Jive style.

Mario De Conceiçao – Seaside

Mario De Conceiçao -Riverside 

Thanks to our friends at Electric Jive who added the following information:

Hi Eddy – nice find – de Conceicao was originally Mozambican but lived in South Africa in the 60s and 70s – he played regularly as a fill-in sax for the legendary Makhona Tsohle band – he also cllaborated with the Elite Swingsters – and in the 70s put out an album with two Swingsters saxophonists – Albert Ralulimi and Chris Songxaka – that album can be downloaded from Electric Jive – here

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