Today I want to share some interesting news out of Soul Safari’s mailbox; your comments, requests and music….keep sending!

hot news from Africolombia’s Blog

‘ Today  I posted an album Champeta of Colombia con Influencias the Music of South Africa, I have posted 3 tracks. 2 of them are South African versions with Instrumentation of some artists from Colombia’s Caribbean coast, this album is the Year 1991, La Banda Keniantu was created in Cartagena Colombia in the 80s under the direction of Wady Bedran Singer of afrocolombian Cumbias’ 

also many thanks to reader Reto Muller from Switzerland for sending the following pics and mp3’s (directly from the original 78 shellac discs). Music from Uganda and Zaire, the former Democratic Republic of Congo, probably recorded on the spot or in Brussels, Belgium. Reto added;
‘have no further details on the musician. it is what it is – truly great singing and rockin’ overmodulated mbira’ 
..the year of recording or any additional info is appreciated, merci beaucoup!


3 thoughts on “Readers Post

  1. The Opika 78 is just beautiful – have been listening over and over and it gets better every time. Thanks to Reto Muller for sharing and to you for posting. I would love to hear the music associated with those other 78 images. I note that African Jazz record features Manu Dibango on sax.

    1. yes, that Opika 78 release is quite stunning. Thank you. You are right about Manu Dibango’s contribution on sax on the African Jazz track. If only Reto could send that mp3….wishing & hoping.

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