for over a year now, you have chosen poem for a Coral Reef by Yemu Matibe and Alungile Sixishe-Musique Exotique to be the most popular post on this blog so far.  Thank you!

Even more so, I am happy to announce that Claude Challe & Jean-Marc Challe, über DJ’s from Paris have selected the song ‘Poem for a Coral Reef’ as the opening of their new compilation ‘Select 4 -Music For Our Friends’

 Indeed a great pleasure to be in the company of artists as diverse and inspirational….this compilation has a truely worldwide appeal and the selection of exotic moods and timed moodswings is phenomenal.

Orlando Voorn

Furthermore, Dutch wunderkind producer/DJ Orlando Voorn has  remixed the original of  ”Coral Reef” into a driving, punchy powerful groove that blends  traditional African instruments like kalimba in perfect unision with electronic dance music….

Hear the remix and see the video here  

Downloads at Beatport

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