the new week starts with volume 2 of a previous post  hey sista, go sista, soul sista -Township Soul & Boogie.  African Disco & Boogie & Soulful grooves from female South African singers. Is there a better way to start the new working week?

Margaret Singana -Open Your Mind

In the 1950s Margaret Singana moved to Johannesburg, and soon started performing with The Symbols. In 1972 she made “Good Feelings” with the band. She became the first black artist to feature on the Radio 5 hit parade. Singana’s song “I Never Loved a Man the Way I Loved You” became a hit. In 1973, Singana was cast as the lead singer in the musical, Ipi Tombi, and soon made herself famous with the song “Mama Tembu’s Wedding”. She suffered from bad health for many years but, in 1986, she returned to sing “We Are Growing”, the theme song from the television series, Shaka Zulu.

Singana received many awards, including the 1976/1977 critics award from the British magazine, Music Week. She was known as “Lady Africa” in Southern Africa and passed away in 2000. The  single featured here today was released in 1975 and produced by Patrick Van Blerk, Allan Goldberg and Trevor Rabin.

Shaddiii-Pride Of Tomorrow

Desiree -You’ve Lost A Good Thing

Joy -Iza Nezembe

Joy -Jikel Emaweni Qonoqgothwane

Patricia Majalisa -Dzhengenzhe

this album came out in 1990 in South Africa when the bubblegum-style was popular. Bubblegum is a form of pure South African pop music that arose in the middle of the 1980’s, distinctively based on vocals with overlapping call-and-response vocals. Electronic keyboards and synthesizers were commonplace. Dan Tshanda of the band Splash was the first major bubblegum star, followed by Chicco Twala.

Dan Tshanda and Splash are synonymous with the name Patricia Majalisa. It’s that very combination that brought her to the limelight in 1988. Patricia was the electrifying backing voice who started the group Splash in Chiawelo, Soweto with Dan Tshanda and the other members of the group.

In the very beginning Patricia Majalisa sang in a group called ‘The Flying Sounds’ when ace producer,the late Hamilton Nzimande from Gallo Records listened to their demo tape and liked the demo. That culminated in their debut album ‘Mr Tony’ which although not a hit, made them realise their potential and the late Mr Nzimande did not give up on them. This made everyone see that the group had the potential to make it and that’s when Ray Phiri of Stimela give them the name ‘SPLASH’.
Her fifth album ‘DZHENGEZHE’ saw her graduate to double platinum status in South Africa.

Patricia Majalisa -Uwee

see more on Patricia Majalisa in my previous post hey sista, go sista, soul sista -Township Soul & Boogie

source and wikipedia

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