some interesting news out of Soul Safari’s mailbox that came as a comment on my previous post Penny Whistle Kwela -Alexandra Shamber Boys, Benoni Flute Quintet. Comments from readers are always welcome….keep sending yours!

On Apr 7 2012, 8:19 am reader Tebogo Lerole wrote:

I agree this is an amazing blog and I must say my dad truly appreciates all this. His name is Elias Shamber Lerole – founder of Elias and His Zig Zag Jive Flutes and composer of the hit Tom Hark. He is a very proud man, his legacy and that of other famous penny whistlers lives on through my brothers and I. Our band Kwela Tebza has been striving hard to put Kwela music on the map.

elijah -tom hark 78

Now, ain’t this a very special message? It moved me because of the historical link and  the fact that Elias Shamber Lerole has a son who keeps the legacy of his father alive by playing kwela with his band Kwela Tebza. If only I could hear Tebogo’s music!

Little Lemmy & Big Joe -Kwela No 5 

Here’s an rare kwela track that I’d like to share today as a tribute to the great Elias Shamber Lerole, founder of Elias and His Zig Zag Jive Flutes and as a kudo to Tebogo for his comment on my post.

See also something new from Africa -Kwela with Lemmy

4 thoughts on “readers post;Tebogo Lerole on Elias and His Zig Zag Jive Flutes

  1. Hi Eddy

    Once again thank you for all your efforts in flying the Kwela music flag high up. I will show my father this link and get him or my mother to comment.

    I will also post you a version of Tom Hark that Kwela Tebza recorded with our father (playing the solo) in 2009 – this time we added lyrics to the hit track which simple relates a story of how our parents met and my fathers journey with the Penny whistle and Kwela music. The lovely Zolani Mahola from South Africa’s award winning Freshly Ground graced us with her melodical voice to tell the story.

    We have released four albums to date 1999 – 2001 with Gallo Records and 2007 – 2009 with EMI Records, we are currently working on our fifth album with Victor Masondo and Joe Arthur – The Album title is ‘Made In Africa’ and it will boast of features of artists from the African Continent and maybe one or two big International Acts.

    Check us out on:

    Twitter: @kwelatebza
    Facebook: facebook/kwelatebza
    YouTube: kwelatebza

    1. hi Tebogo, great to see your response and links. I will check out the albums that were released already and I do look forward to hear more of your music. The version of Tom Hark by Kwela Tebza is welcome. I am curious to hear the lyrics.

      Continue to inspire! cheers

  2. Hi I’m so impressed to read all this in this site hey as I’m an offspring of kwela music playing a penny whistle after my late old man JACK LEROLE taught me how to play it and knowing how much he contributed to the music all over the world we young stars should learn more from their music and make sure we not killing it but giving it more energetic vibe so that it is kept alive because to us it is like our CULTURE. Sibusiso “Big Voice Jack Jnr” Lerole

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