Soul Safari is proud to be associated with new travel magazine Mzanzi, primarily a paper edition written in the Dutch language.

From issue No 2  Soul Safari will be contributing a regular music column to the magazine.

Rob Hartgers, editor-in-chief of the new magazine explains the name; “However, as an addition to our name: ‘mzantsi’ the Xhosa word for ‘south’,  in Zulu ‘Mzansi’.  We write it with a double z, because we find this typography beautiful. Moreover, here in SA we are not the only ones doing so. A word like ‘Mzansi’ or ‘mzantsi’ is only in vogue since the nineties as an indication for South Africa (not just ‘south’). In that sense it is an ‘invented word’, which is why we have the freedom of the different spelling dare to afford.”

In every issue Mzanzi pays attention to South African culture, books, performances, local events, food, etc. Sections of South African literary and musical classics to be added in future issues. All the writing staff of the magazine correspondents are permanently established  in SA.

visitor Afrika Burn festival

Ever wondered what a masked hairy man is doing in the Karoo desert, or what the best hiking routes around Cape Town are?? Well, in case you wonder, Mzanzi writes about such subjects and publishes the stories with stylish photographs and artwork.

Although basically a travel magazine, the stories are in many cases  written with more journalistic depth than usually found in other travel magazines. Mzanzi also wants as much as possible to see South Africa through the eyes of South Africans.

In the 2nd issue the cover article follows the footsteps of Nelson Mandela next to reports on the mines of Johannesburg,  South African summer festivals like Afrika Burn, Cango Caves, a special report on Mozambique’s capital Maputo, an interview with Dutch ambassador André Haspels, trekking around Cape Town and much much more on all things South African. The articles are all well written and most of the beautiful photographs are supplied by collaborating reporters.

The first issue was published in March 2012 and distributed  in the Netherlands in 1,200 stores, including Ako and Bruna. Mzanzi will be released three times a year, next issue will be released in November 2012.

Sneak preview of the latest issue right here

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