Hip To The Jive – Summer 2012 Mix 


1. Kid JoJo -Peanut Bump

2. Boyoyo Boys -Daveyton Special

3. Osiyazi -Sibaya Reception

4. Pikinini Khumbuza -Jackpot

5. EliasMethebula & The Chivani Sisters -NtelaATingangeni

6. Majozi -Ngimbonile Ubaba

7. Umakhathakhathanamachunu -Ezweni I Ikshaka

8. Majakathatha -Ke Saea Maseru

9. Izazi -Bayesutha

10. Dilika -Ngaylshela Yavuma

11. Manka Le Phallang -Khutsana

12. Mzikay Ifani Buthelezi -Themba

13. Amalokohloko -Aslangenlani

Dolly Rathebe -Drum cover July 1955

3 thoughts on “Hip To The Jive – Summer 2012 Mix

  1. Do you happen to know what years some of these records were first released? In particular I’d like to know when these four songs came out:

    Kid JoJo – Peanut Bump
    Boyoyo Boys – Daveyton Special
    Elias Methebula & The Chivani Sisters – NtelaATingangeni
    Dilika – Ngaylshela Yavuma

    Of them all, “Peanut Bump” is the most amazing — I love how they bring back the penny whistle into an electric guitar context! Unique.

    The world thanks you for bring these back from limbo!

    1. the records by Kid Jojo and Boyoyo Boys were released in 1978 as stated on the labels. The other two titles are unknown to me. Thanks for the kind words. Keep checking these pages. Cheers

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