The influence of Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti crosses many foreign shores as the man raised a few political issues as well in his home country Nigeria. The music of Fela inspired musicians as well as beatmasters, scratchers and was sampled galore. Afro-beat has become such a household name these days that many punters  will not be able to  trace back the genre back to the original Godfather of Afro-beat from Nigeria.

On foreign shores, outside of France (where his music saw nearly as many issues as if did in his native country) a chosen few Westerners -Cream’s drummer Ginger Baker and New York-based jazz vibraphonist Roy Ayers amongst them- could claim to know the extent of Fela’s genius. As a result, while music historians have filled books with references to the influence of Westerners on Fela’s creation, little has been said about Fela’s inspiration on others.

 Today’s post shines a light on a wonderful compilation, issued on American based label Now Again in 2010, ‘Black Man’s Cry -The Inspiration of Fela Kuti-‘. It’s an impeccable collection of ultra-rare singles and a few tracks from even rarer albums, all lovingly compiled by Egon. The collection includes rare and previously unreleased music from Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Trinidad…Presented in a deluxe CD-box with an extensive booklet full with info and pics of the featured tracks.

Well recommended.

Go and get your own copy either on CD or as 4 10″ LP Box Set!

Buy it on iTunes here.

1. Cumbia Moderna De Soledad -Shacalao 3:42
2. Dan Satch and his Atomic 8 Dance Band -Woman Pin Down 2:52
3. 6th Infantry Brigade of the Nigerian Army -Black And Proud 3:33
4. Bola Johnson -Hot Pants 2:52
5. Segun Bucknor -Adebo 5:52
6. Bola Johnson -Never Trust A Woman 5:13
7. Jerry Hansen -Sisi Mi 5:31
8. Daktaris -Up Side Down 4:14
9. Phirpo Y Sus Caribes -Comencemos 2:11
10. Lever Brothers Gay Flamingoes -Egbi Mi O/Black Man’s Cry (Medley) 9:53
11. Mosco Tiles Fonclaire Steel Orchestra -Black Man’s Cry 4.28
12. Sylvania East Side Symphony -Egbi Mi O/Black Man’s Cry (Medley) 2:58
13. Lisandro Meza -Shacalao 3:43
14. Karl Hector and The Malcouns Toure -Samar 3:17
15. Whitefield Brothers -Lullaby For Lagos 2:39

‘Black Man’s Cry -the inspiration of Fela Kuti ‘ -Now Again NA 5056 -2010 USA. Hardbound book with CD and 4 10″ LP Box Set.

text contains excerpts from the original liner notes by Egon 

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