Josh White -Twas On A Monday

see also a diggers lament and a diggers lament -Ladysmith Black Mambazo -Nansi Imali (Here Is The Money) + today’s compilation of 13 songs of popular American 50s & 60s recordings that highlights the industrial songs of factory workers, African American work gangs and miners. Pity the poor poor man..

13 chain gang-and work songs -an exclusive Soul Safari compilation


Nappy Brown -Coal Miner

Eugene Church -16 Tons

Dick Busher -16 Tons

Vicky Tasso -The Sound Of The Hammer

Chuck Reed -That Lucky Old Sun

Bobby Scott -Pity The Poor Poor Man

Mike Stewart with Sy Oliver Orchestra -Chain Gang

Bobby Scott -Chain Gang

Lorne Green -Pop Goes The Hammer

Fred Darian -That Lucky Old Sun

‘Little’ Stevie Wonder -16 Tons

Oscar Brown Jr. -Work Song

Change Halladay -Bury Me Deep

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