Felabration 2012

Fela’s concert in Paradiso on 28 November 1983 – see previous post -still stands in the collective memory of so many Dutch fans of African music. By now, the man has been honored internationally with a Broadway show, biographies and tribute albums.   Many young musicians have picked up Fela’s Afro-beat as an inspiration for their own grooves.

Like the Dutch group Jungle By Night who are reviving Afro-beat, not copying but adapting Afro grooves and mixing their infectious brew with Dutch lyrics!

While over in Finland the eccentric Finnish musician and composer Jimi Tenor has recorded with drummer Tony Allen and other African musicians like Kabu Kabu. Hear the excellent album ‘Joystone’ (Sakho Puu 34).

Fela  has always operated outside the mainstream. In Nigeria he was not just another entertainer, his influence in his home country was more political then just bringing great music to his people. His audience outside Africa today consists of clubbers and alternative rock enthusiasts looking for a new perspective, but also of jazz and funk rebels who are intrigued by the catchy Afro-beat grooves. Years after his death his vision and music keeps inspiring new generations of musicians, politicans and fans alike. So it’s only fitting that Fela Kuti will be remembered  on his birthday (15th October 1938) with a worldwide tribute.

See the full program and details on the official Felebration website

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