diggin’ in NYC -update October 2015

going, going but not yet gone

since 2003, at least 80 record stores have closed in Manhattan and Brooklyn. And still more are closing every month at an alarming speed. It seems like the good old record shop is fast becoming a thing of the past in NYC.

Todays post is a personal Top 5 of the approximately 50 or so still open. It is always wise and advised to call before you go. Take a good map and your best walking shoes. Thanks to MP Flapp for his invaluable help and list.

1. A1 Records 439 E 6th St NY -1st Ave (between 6th & A Avenue)

ace shop for jazz/disco/boogie/hip hop. New arrivals every day.

Famous amongst DJ’s/producers and diggers looking for breaks & beats. Huge selection of cheap records in most genres. If you’re lucky you will find some vintage African records and Island music at affordable prices.

A1 Records  439 6Th St, New York, NY – 10009 – 1001 near Avenue A,6th St

View Map  Call: (212) 473-2870

Academy Records Manhattan

 2. Academy Records -415 E 12th St. NY (between 1st Ave & Ave A) -(212) 780-9166

this is how a ‘real’ recordshop should be run -well stocked prime vintage vinyl in great condition and new re-issues in all genres -from psych to jazz with a handsome selection of Latin and African. There’s a mouthwatering collection of rare original disco/boogie 12” on display.

Don’t forget to check the boxes with 45 rpm 7” that are reasonably priced. Some great finds here. The new arrivals section is extensive and the staff friendly and knowledgeable. There are good listening posts.

Recommended and a personal fave.

Academy Records Manhattan -listening post
Academy Records Manhattan

Academy Annex, a sister shop in Brooklyn -96 N 6th St. Brooklyn (718) 11211 -has re-located. See diggin’ in NYC -update October 2015

3. Good Records 218 E 5th St (betweeen 2nd and 3rd Ave), NY (212) 529-2081

run by a true lover of rare quality vinyl who is also active on Waxidermy. This smallish shop is an example of how a record shop has adapted itself to the changing times.

Specialist selection of mainly black music. The disco 12” section is a marvel, you’ll be able to pick up original gems here at very reasonable prices. During my time here, an original copy of ‘Is It All Over My Face’ by The Loose Joints on Westend Records was snatched up just before my eyes for 18$….grrrr. Oh well, enough choice here. Good Records also stacks a few boxes of rare and cheap 45’s@1$ each. Some bargains can be found, the selection of vintage and contemporary re-issues of African and Latin is excellent. Nice vibe and the owner likes a good deal just like you.

A well recommended shop!

V Bar NYC pic

While in the neighbourhood do check out V Bar St Marks -132 First Ave NY (212) 473-7200.

An ideal place to chill and wash down a dusty diggers throat with imported and local beers, great cocktails too. Lots of musicians, DJ’s and alternative people hanging out in a lively funky atmosphere.

V Bar also serves food and the best music in town can be heard on the stereo and sometimes live on a tiny stage.

4. Mercer Street Books and Records 206 Mercer St, NY. (212) 505-8615

hush….not a ‘real’ record store but mainly a bookstore with a handsome section of original vintage vinyl. And lots of books, music selection galore. Reasonably priced selection of jazz/pop/rock in all genres. The 1$ bins are worthwile for the VG+ digger.

5. Princeton Record Exchange 20 South Tulane St. Princeton NJ (609) 921-0881

the total trip to Princeton Record Exchange-including local transfer-takes 90 minutes or less from Penn Station, Manhattan (34th St. and 8th Ave). Take the New Jersey Transit ‘Trenton Local’ to Princeton Junction. Switch to the New Jersey Transit shuttle train -the ‘Dinky’- to the centre of Princeton. When you walk out of the station, walk to the right onto University Place, go right into Nassau St., pass one light and turn left into S. Tulane St.

Or take a taxi from either Princeton Junction or Princeton train station directly to the store.

Difficult? Out of the way? Nah, not really. Consider it as  a relaxed all-day railway voyage out of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and believe me, the store is well worth the trip!! You will not leave empty handed.

Princeton Record Exchange

The new arrivals section is HUGE, there is a GREAT selection of rock/jazz/african/latin mostly vintage vinyl in fine condition + contemporary re-issues and a wall-to-wall selection of CD’s and DVD’s. The $ 1.00 bins are well recommended as  well as the big selection of original 45’s.

During my visit I noticed  a few English and Japanese buyers hoarding up stacks of rare vinyl to re-sell in their own stores overseas.  A well recommended address to score reasonably priced stock. Unfortunaly no listening posts.

While in Manhattan I stayed at the POD Hotel 230 E 51 St (212) 355.0300. Reasonable prices and one of the best small hotels located mid-town, close to the Lexington Ave subway for the 6 line.

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