birth and death came on the same day! Just last night, during a horrendous storm with a flood of rain coming down from the sky, the news reached me that Sylvia Kristel had passed away. On my birthday! The heavens were crying and so was I. Sylvia Kristel

It is with sadness that I commemorate a truly Dutch icon with whom I had the pleasure and honor to work on one of my own songs and also got to know better as a warm and unique personality.

In 2001 the song ‘Changes’ was recorded with Sylvia. I had chosen her for her ability to interpret my lyrics with the depth and emotionality of an actress, not as a ‘standard’ singer. And how surprisingly beautiful her rendering of the song turned out to be. The song remains one of those ‘light fluffy clouds’ of beauty and femininity, comparable to the early work of Astrud Gilberto or Jane Birkin.

‘Changes’ was released on Blue Note/EMI and the original video-clip features members of The New Cool Collective starring Benjamin Herman and was directed by Svenno Koemans.

I will remember Sylvia Kristel as the most beautiful Dutch woman who will be  forever remembered as ‘Emmanuelle’ but who was also an inspiring and creative artist, working in many forms of arts.

RIP Sylvia Kristel (28 September 1952 – 17 October 2012), beautiful forever.

Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel sings ‘Changes’…with the Eddy De Clercq Quartet…Ubuntu Publishing proudly presents ‘changes 2009’…. The Bossa EP *****digital download available at iTunes ****

originally released February 14th Valentine’s day 2009

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