see also Om’Khaoli -Magic Touch 1982 -Township Soul & Boogie Vol 6


 Umoya is a German based reggae band, founded in 1982.  Its name is Swahili for “unity”. Their EP ‘Satisfy/ Party / Feels Good/ Oya Kae’ was released as 12″ in 1985.  There might be a subtle difference in spelling the name but Umoja was formed in South Africa by Alec ‘Om’ Khaoli’s after leaving Harari.

This 45 rpm single “Oya Kae” was released that same year on CBS Records. The spelling of  the name of Umoja is confusing since the  German group recorded this seldom seen track. Alas, the pressing or mastering of this particular disc is not 100% but its rarity makes up for the sound quality.

Does anybody knows in which country this single was originally released??

Umoya -Oya Kae Pt 1 label

Umoja featuring Alec ‘Om’ Khaoli -Oya Kae Pt 1 

Umoya -Oya Kae Pt 2 label

Umoja featuring Alec ‘Om’ Khaoli -Oya Kae Pt 2 

a few albums by South African group Umoja

13 thoughts on “Umoya ft Alec ‘Om’ Khaoli -Oya Kae 1985

    1. correct. But this group Umoya is German, small difference in spelling. The label says Umoja but featuring Alec ‘Om’ Khaoli so it must be another group than Alec’s own

    1. I don’t agree on that entirely. Do you mean ‘Feels Good’ from UMOJA – Touch Africa (1990)? Since the 45 rpm single “Oya Kae” is from 1985. And ‘Party’may have been re-recorded by Alec with the German group. Other year, other personnel probably

  1. As I said, I tend to. Oya Kae was also recorded by Harari , as it was featured on this Best of Harari from 1983, and my assumption comes from the Umoja on the label. And if it was another band and most of the songs was his it should have said Alec Khoali featuring Umoya.But that is just my guess,don’t know this as fact.

  2. OM ALEC KHAOLI replying.
    Oya Kae ? means where are you going to? in Sesotho (African Language). Harari recorded Oya Kae where Alec Khaoli was a composer. Om Alec khaoli later recorded another ‘Oya Kae’ after going solo for his group ‘Umoja’ in 1985, which was a different song altogether. This means that there are two different songs going by the same title. The song is now available in Om Alec’s newly released abum titled ‘The Hits Collection’. This album features songs which where requested by fans and were not in ‘The best Of Om Alec Khaoli and Umoja’ songs like ‘Oneness’ and re-recorded ‘Bambo Wangu’, ‘Sekuru (live)’ 707 Onketsang, Say You Love Me and more.

  3. Thanks so much Om Alec by giving us more hits God bless you, you are the Boss we need more from and you promised us by recording the live DVD please do.but where can we get the latest CD The hits collection.

  4. True stuff from Om Alec. There are two songs with the same name ‘O ya kae’ both composed by Om Alec. So fortunate to have The greatest Hits in my collection with songs like O ya kae, Oneness, You are the One (Remix from UK) and many more….. Om and Umoja have released more exciting stuff like Feels good inside, Another lover, Red hot kisses and Everybody needs somebody which will be great for Omza to release them as well. #legend

  5. During the time of Harari as a band before their split, who sang the following songs: party,Give,Soul fire,Kalahari rock.Was it Sipho Mabuse?

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