Harari -Kala Harari Rock album cover

“Kala-Harari -Rock” was released in South Africa at the end of 1979.  It was the group’s third album and the selection of songs leans heavily on their African roots. This is Harari’s first real return to Africa since ‘Rufaro’ which was the genesis of the Harari sound.

The concept of  ‘Kala-Harari -Rock’ is based the raw wildness of the jungle, translated into music acceptable to the Western ear.  File under Afrobeat, Funk, Disco. The standout track on this album is easily the instrumental ‘Soweto Sunset’ a mesmerizing funky groove, relaxed and powerful. Other favourites are’Safari’, ‘Jikeleza’ and ‘Elephant Dance’. But why not judge for yourself, the full album is available here on these pages for a limited time only. Enjoy!

Harari -Kala Harari Rock side 1

A1. Kala-Harari – Rock 5:18

A2. Give 5:22

A3. Safari 5:20

Harari -Kala Harari Rock side 2

B1. The Whole World’s Dancing Now 5:17

B2. Soweto Sunset 4:40

B3. Jikeleza 3:37

B4. Elephant Dance

see also the homebrew of Harari -Township Soul & Boogie pt 3 and Om’Khaoli -Magic Touch 1982 -Township Soul & Boogie Vol 6

2 thoughts on “Harari -Kala Harari Rock -Township Soul & Boogie vol 9

  1. really great album by a group that i enjoyed already a long time

    wonder if there is more available from this artist

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