Hit Parade Africain -Spring 2013 Mix -rumba, soukous, afrobeat

April 1, 2013

hit parade africain cover voor

to kick off the new month here is a groovy mix of great rumba, soukous, afrobeat…all tracks taken from ‘Hit Parade Africain Vol 4’, released by the wonderful label Melodisc Records Ltd that was based in London.  No year of publication is indicated, so I estimate that  this release is from mid 70s.  Melodisc Records Ltd released a remarkable selection of early ska, rocksteady and African music and the records are quite rare these days….so enjoy this mix!

Hit Parade Africain Vol 4 -Orchestre Les Noirs, Orchestre Sinza, Franco & Orchestre TP Ok Jazz, Orchestre Les Rebelles, Les Bantous, Orchestre Mando Negro, Orchestre Hi-Fives MLP 12-198 UK

hit parade africain cover achter

hit parade africain label side 1

Hit Parade Africain Mix 1 April 2013

 Orchestre Sinza -Mahoungou

Franco et l’Orchestre TP OK Jazz -Ye Nr. 1

Orchestre Les Rebelles -Manicero

Les Bantous -Macaro

Orchestre Les Noirs -Sikiya Sauce Nr. 1

Orchestre Les Noirs -Amin Nr. 1

Orchestre Hi-Fives -Belina Mon Amour

hit parade africain label side 2


  1. I noticed that you did not include Amin No 1 by Les Noirs. Please could you upload it. Many thanks

    • Amin No 1 by Les Noirs is included in the mix. See the tracklist. Cheers & thanks for your comment. Enjoy the mix!

      • Thanks. Do you by any means have, ‘Likambo Lizuaka Niamate’ by Orchestre Zembe Zembe?

  2. Cool–this is much appreciated. Thank you!

  3. Sorry to be greedy, but I don’t suppose you could post the whole Mainceiro track separately? Thank you.

  4. Oooohhh, yeah, Manicero!!

  5. You can see the most viewed (on youtube) soukous stars ever on the statoz ranking: http://www.statoz.com/lingala

  6. Thank you for Manicero ( The peanut vendor)

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