So you thought that Kwela represents just some dusty old grooves from the early days? A sound, a style  that was popular way back in 1930, 1956 or 1960? Think again.

Those years surely may have defined the original Kwela style of pioneers like the Benoni Flute Quintet or Spokes Mashiyane but there’s more news as Kwela lives on. Today’s selection of tunes can be heard and seen on the almighty YouTube channell. Here is a small selection of new South African Kwela jive tunes, based upon readers post;TebogoLerole on Elias and His Zig Zag Jive Flutes

see also Penny Whistle Kwela -Alexandra Shamber Boys, Benoni Flute Quintet. Comments from readers are always welcome….keep sending yours!

reader Tebogo Lerole wrote:

I agree this is an amazing blog and I must say my dad truly appreciates all this. His name is Elias Shamber Lerole – founder of Elias and His Zig Zag Jive Flutes and composer of the hit Tom Hark. He is a very proud man, his legacy and that of other famous penny whistlers lives on through my brothers and I. Our band Kwela Tebza has been striving hard to put Kwela music on the map.

well, I couldn’t agree more…

kwela Tebza


Kwela Tebza ft Mxo and Tuks – Better Days



3 thoughts on “Some favourite new Kwela tunes – Kwela Tebza

  1. The song “On the line” by Alfred Napo was popular from 1964 to around 1969 it was a Kwela Jive song

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