edi niederlander
Edi Niederlander

Edi Niederlander -Mr Supercool (1976)

Edi Niederlander -Hangman(1976)

Edi Niederlander is one of South Africa’s most respected and enduring artists. Her bluesy voice and superb playing of the acoustic and electric guitars made her reputation as an outstanding performer.

Edi’s first two albums -‘Ancient Dust’ (1985) and ‘Hear No Evil’ (1989) – are well known, admired, and a little rare. Some biographies start her career in the year 1985 but the following record that I post here today shows other dates, Edi Niederlander’s first recording was released as early as 1973.

Edi Niederlander -Brother John (1973)

Edi Niederlander -Dust Of Africa (1973)

Imagine Edi singing live to a receptive crowd of lovers of folk music back then. The place: Humerail Hall in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The dates: 11th and 12th of May 1973. The FOLK ’73 festival was organised by the Four Winds Music Club and the crowd came from afar. Colourful alternative ‘free’ minds gathered to hear the finest crop of local South African white folk music. That year Edi Niederlander made her debut at the festival. The succes of the yearly gathering and the quality of the line-up guaranteed a successive series of events. Private vinyl pressings of the live recordings during the festival were released in limited editions of 500 copies, only in South Africa. Some included a handwritten info sheet. Rare and obscure records that are highly collectible nowadays. Hear the announcement by the MC at the introduction of the 1974 festival, the record has just been released and five copies are for sale!

FOLK 74 Introduction FESTIVAL


At the time of her performance Edi played an acoustic guitar and sang songs of strong political conviction as well as lyrics highlighting feminist issues.

The song ‘Ancient Dust of Africa’ became a ‘hit’ for Edi after being featured as a title theme for the film based on the Percy Fitzpatrick novel, ‘Jock of the Bushveld’.

After laying low for the whole of the ’90’s ‘ Edi released ‘Dreamland’, a joyful, jazz-flecked and diverse collection of Niederlander originals and a compelling, eclectic and consistently entertaining piece of work.


FOLK ’73 live @ 4 Winds Folk Club May 1974 S.AFRICA Bootleg Records -private pressing- BLP 103/104, South Africa 1973

includes ‘Brother Folk’ by Edi Niederlander -credited as Edi Nederlander


FOLK ’76 live @ 4 Winds Folk Club May 1974 S.AFRICA Bootleg Records -private pressing- BLP 103/104, South Africa 1976

includes 3 tracks by Edi Niederlander

ANCIENT DUST (1984) Mountain MOU442


Reflections From Pre-Liberation South Africa (2011)


Source http://www.rock.co.za/legends/2000plus/edi_dreamland.html

4 thoughts on “Edi Niederlander @Folk’73 Humerail Hall in Port Elizabeth,1973

  1. Hi, a very long time ago I listened to an (I am almost certain) Edi Niederlander song on (I am pretty sure ) the South African Folk’76 LP you mention above. I remember listening to ‘Hangman’ and ‘Mr Supercool’, but the one that blew me away completely is one I cannot find mention of, and cannot find on any of her albums. I can’t remember the title either but the lyrics refer to the 16th June 76 Soweto uprising – the songs starts with the words like “on the 16th of June the sun familiar with dread” and there was a refrain of the word “never touch me with my name”. Could you let me know if you have ever come across this? many thanks! Anni Tonin

    1. hi there, I don’t know the song with the lyrics refering to the 16th June 76 Soweto uprising. It sure sounds like
      a real gem. Not sure if any of the readers here on Soul Safari can help you locating this song but I do hope so.
      Thanks for your comment, it’s appreciated

    2. Go and find the CD by Edi Niederlander ” Reflections from pre-Liberation South Africa” I have it in my collection.

  2. I still have this LP in my collection with another one or 2 annual releases by the Four Winds Folk Club in PE. I attended most of these concerts at the time. Wondering if the FWFC is still going?
    I wish that someone could make some of these recordings available on mp3. Does anyone have some more recordings of our folk clubs in SA? I remember the concerts in the Alsatian club in Walmer, downtown in Mainstreet for a while with Jennifer Furgeson, David Kramer at Humerail Hall, Dave Goldblum..so many..so good..

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