Kaveri Special -photo by Jerry Ylkanen

Kaveri Special are four guys from Finland who share a love for sunny and funky tropical rhythms. Their eponymous debut album features songs that pay tribute to classic African guitar music from the 70s and 80s, particularly highlife and soukous music. The songs on the album are all written by the members of the band. At live gigs they have also been performing covers by Kenya’s Orchestra Super Mazembe and Nigeria’s Prince Nico Mbargo. The lyrics of the band’s own material are all in  Finnish and include such topics as trains, elevators and dogs. The word “kaveri” itself means ‘friend’ in Finnish and the band wishes to become friends with audiences around the globe.

The album was recorded and mixed in autumn 2013 in Helsinki. The band wanted to go for a classic 70s sound filled with warmth and vintage charm. Kaveri Special’s debut-album will be released in March 2014 as 12″ vinyl and mp3 downloads via iTunes.

Well recommended listening!


see the website of Kameri Special

Kaveri_Special_photo_by_Jonne Renvall
Kaveri Special -photo by Jonne Renvall

 Kimmo Kivistö – drums, vocals /Tuomas Palonen – vocals, guitar /Tino Puisto – bass/ Jonne Renvall – vocals, guitar




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