Abagandayi was produced by Sidwell Duda who also worked with singer Don Laka and Denis Yekani And  The Movement ‎ in 1984. That’s all I could find as information on this obscure record. The music flutters between Mgqashiyo and funky organ and electric guitar driven rhythms. Listen to a few of my favourite tracks of this album.

Great cover by the way! Does anybody know what year and type of vintage American car Abagandayi drives?


Abagandayi -Awuzwa Ngani

Abagandayi –Isililo

Abagandayi –Nomathemba

Abagandayi -Siyakubona -Njalo






4 thoughts on “Abagandayi -Asithembel’ Enkosini -Zulu funk 1984

  1. I downloaded Abagandayi, and l listened to their few tracks. l really liked their music it moved me, like this one isililo i enjoye it a lot. I was surprised to learn that these guy came a long way back like 1984 the year i was born. i usually play some of their songs like umadlamini, umendo and so on

    1. I really love this music it reminds me of my family. I need to get the ulbums but I can’t get it in the shops anymore. Please help. Thank you

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