Amsterdam Gay Pride 2014 -Canal Parade

for the first time  a boat with passengers dressed  in long pink djellabahs and red fez showed up.
Not everyone is charmed by scantily clad, sweaty male bodies,” said Said El Haji, the frontman of the Maroccan gay community  in the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam the canals turned pink during the annual Gay Pride Parade of 2014 while gays in Senegal, one of many African countries that outlaw homosexuality, still have to struggle for their freedom. Senegal, mostly Islamitic, is also the land where gays remain the pariahs of society, they can’t even be buried. See this shocking documentary by Metropolis TV, filmed in Dakar.

Homosexuality in Senegal is illegal by law. Whoever comes out of the closet, loses his family, his job and his home.
A gay person becomes a pariah. Only the very strongest survive. Most gay men choose a heterosexual marriage, and lead a secret second life.

Go see the exhibition ‘dans le milieu’ by Dutch photographer Ernst Coppejans in de Melkweg Galerie (Amsterdam) until August 17th 2014.

More on this exhibiton and the work of Ernst Coppejans on pinkbink.nl

photography; Ernst Coppejans
photography; Ernst Coppejans

Amnesty International says 38 African countries criminalize homosexuality.
In four of those — Mauritania, northern Nigeria, southern Somalia and Sudan — the punishment is death.
These laws appear to have broad public support.
Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria are other countries where  homosexuality is not accepted by society.

So is Africa the most homophobic continent on earth?

NO! During the Gay Pride the news came that in Uganda the strict anti-gay laws were abolished by the Constitutional Court. A relief for many Ugandans which attended last weekend in Amsterdam. They came as criminals to the city and left the country as free people. In the future, there are plans for a Gay Pride parade on the beach of Lake Victoria

See also this Zulu gay couple being married in South Africa. There is still hope for Africa.

anti-gay laws

7 thoughts on “Africa, the most homophobic continent on earth?

  1. Great to see this traditional-style Zulu-Tswana marriage in South Africa. There are strong civil rights for gays in South Africa’s constitution but cultural practices still have a long way to go. I liked how one of the grooms put it. “Being gay is as African as being black”.

      1. One step at a time. These two brave young men in South Africa are helping push the momentum in a positive direction.

  2. how does a single country—South Africa, a perennial exception to generalizations about sub-Saharan Africa—invalidate the truism that Africa is the most homophobic of continents? what are the other contenders?

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