Amalia Aguilar-Afro Mood

Afro Mood

A burlesque short film starring exotic dancer Amalia Aguilar.  “Afro Mood” is one of two numbers that she performed in a movie entitled “A Night at the Follies”, which was made in 1947. The name of the other number she performs in that film is “Rumba-Amalia”.

Spectacular dancing to African and Afro-Cuban music, tribal dancing for the  theatre. What this has to do with Africa, though, is questionable but the music and the tribal dance sequence are great. As far as the term “Afro” in the title, sometimes Latin music like Rumba is referred to as “Afro-Cuban” music, as a major portion of its origins are from Africa.

Amalia Aguilar -Afro Mood

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