RIP Percy Sledge (1941-2015)

Percy Sledge opened on Friday, May 29th 1970 at the Luxurama Theatre, Cape Town to stay for a long series of concerts and tours. See also

Soul Safari

Percy Sledge -introduction, ‘Cover Me’ + ‘Knock on Wood’

The Luxurama Theatre, Cape Town, darkened, there was a momentary hush, then the audience exploded in a deafening roar as Percy Sledge walked on stage. Everyone of the 1300 seats was filled, people were sitting in the aisles and the happy audience screamed and cried, shouted and stamped, clapped and cheered for the King of Soul was here in South Africa at last!

‘Don’t leave Percy’ they cried. ‘Stay here in South Africa with us!’

Percy Sledge -I got to get a message to you

The live-recording of this show, at The Luxurama, Cape Town, has captured many exciting moments  with songs like ‘My Special Prayer’  and Percy’s first time singing of  a Beegees composition  ‘I got get a message to you’. The crowd loved the message

In South Africa (At the Luxurama) – ATC 9257

My special prayer / cover me…

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