babsy mlangeni pic 1

today’s post features a rare 12″ boogie track by one of South Africa’s soul singers, sung in the Sotho language.  See also the interview held with the singer for Poor magazine….

Babsy Mlangeni:

I started making music professionally in 1968 and my 1st single that took me to the top was “Sala Ema” which was a huge block buster which in 1969…What do I think about South African music? The music scene in South Africa is very diverse it has multiple ganders and the interesting part is in each indigenous group it has its own traditional music, so I think that SA Music is very rich, especially since the youth is starting to remix some of the indigenous traditional songs….

read the full interview with Babsy Mlangeni here

babsy mlangeni robala ka khotso cover front watermarked

babsy mlangeni boloko tsebe label watermarked

Babsy Mlangeni -Botloko Tsebe

babsy mlangeni robala ka khotso label watermarked

Babsy Mlangeni -Robala Ka Khotso


2 thoughts on “Township Soul & Boogie vol 14-Babsy Mlangeni -Botloko Tsebe 1990

  1. Thanks for information about our legends like Bra Babsy Mlangeni and for the music you sharing with us. Keep up the good work.

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