with  the devastation in Mozambique going on I would like to share a moment to reflect on the horrors and sadness that many people experience at this very moment. The country is much paralyzed, with many people going hungry, without food and shelter. But  let’s also honor those that came to help and assist in one of the worst natural disasters to hit southern Africa in decades.

I can’t do much from where I am but my thoughts went to a few posts on the musical heritage from Mozambique when the capital Maputo was still called Lourenço Marques. Read more…

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Soul Safari

joao tudella uma casa portuguesa cover

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João Maria Tudella was born in Lourenço Marques, he studied at the Coimbra University in Portugal. He first won renown as a Fado singer, but has shown himself to be equally adept at dance band music and proved himself in several recordings to be a gifted young singer.

On this remarkable rare album ‘Uma Casa Portuguesa’, released by Gallotone at the end of the 50’s,  João returns to his Portuguese roots. The selection of songs are all compositions by Artur Fonseca who is responsible for writing the classic song  ‘Uma Casa Portuguesa’,  best known in the version by Amalia Rodrigues and hundreds others.  A rare photograph of Artur Fonseca together with Tudella at the piano graces the cover.


At the time of the release of this album Fonseca was working as musical director of the Radio Clube of Moçambique, based in Lourenço Marques, nowadays Maputo.  Then the capital…

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