Le Ry-Co Jazz – afro jazz in tumbélé style 1960’s

le ry-co jazz -dansons avec vol 12 afbeelding

The Ry-Co Jazz band from Congo are Jean-Serge Essous (saxophone), M’Bilia Casino (congas & chant), JerryMalekani (guitar) & others who offer us a rare slice of Caribbean music during the 60’s.

Their productions are most in demand since the band is the creator of  “Tumbélé”, an original explosive cross pollination between african rumba from Congo & creoles kompa -modern mérengue- from Martinique/Guadeloupe where the band was based during 60’s. The recording sessions on this EP was realised by “Debs music: the guardians of creolemusic”, a production and  recording company founded by Henri Debs, known for his quality recordings & team of musicians.

On this 7″ EP ‘Dansons…avec le Ry-Co Jazz Vol. 12’ you will find swinging afro jazz in tumbélé style with latin overtones, excellent for the dance floor. Recorded from the actual EP

Le Ry-Co Jazz Vol 12 -Habiba Moussa

Le Ry-Co Jazz Vol 12 -Bo Lata Bo Robe

Le Ry-Co Jazz Vol 12 -Give Me Bombolo

Le Ry-Co Jazz Vol 12 -Mi Baila La Pachanga

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