Best African music finds 2017 # 8 -Brenda & The Big Dudes -boogie/bubblegum 1984

one post a day for the remainder of 2017 featuring a selection of some of my best finds of African music last year…not necessary brand new releases. Mostly vintage records found during my travels all over the world.

#8 Brenda & The Big Dudes ‎– Let’s Stick Together

Family Records‎– FLY(V) 8 -South Africa 1984

brenda & the big dudes -let's stick together cover front watermarked

the early years of Bubblegum or Mapantshula Afro pop.

Legends like the late Brenda Fassie and the Big Dudes, Chicco Twala, Dan Nkosi, Ebony, Richard Makhubale of Volcano, Dan Tsahnda of Splash, Yvonne Chaka Chaka to name a few, are some of the most known South African artists in the genre. But the genre crossed borders as well, from Namibia to Zimbabwe, Bubblegum became most popular through the radio and rapidly captured the dance floor. Bubblegum was a response to Western styles like disco and the fast spreading house music which originally came from the black ghettos of Chicago and New York. When the second Summer of Love took the UK over in 1988, first house, and later techno conquered the world. DIY – do it yourself – a motto that had already appeared in the punk movement, lifted the young house scene to the next level. With a minimal set up – keyboards, some drum machines and samplers it was suddenly possible to make music without having to rent expensive studios. Township disco was born, Bubblegum was the next logical step, followed by Kwaito.

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brenda & the big dudes -let's stick together label A watermarked

Gimme Gimme Your Love

Let’s Stick Together

Could We Do It?

 brenda & the big dudes -let's stick together label B watermarked

Do It Now

Can’t Stop This Feeling

I Wanna Be Single


Brenda & The Big Dudes