Nakhane Touré -raw as a fresh wound


Nakhane zanger foto  South African writer, actor and writer Nakhane Touré (31) will not be silenced. Resistance defies with a raised head, with a somewhat mocking look in  his beautiful androgynous face. His vulnerability is his strength, Nakhane is a queer artist on a mission.

Last weekend he was a defining artist at the Rotterdam music festival ‘Motel Mozaïque’ where he performed to promote his new album You Will Not Die’. An emotionally charged, loneliness-drenched collection of his own written songs in the soul and electro styles, in which he sings about his homosexuality and how he crawled under the yoke of a homophobic South African church community.

But not only as a musician does Nakhane attract attention, also as an actor. With his leading role in the controversial film of the South African director John Trengrove ‘The Wound’ (2017), he explained the taboo of being a young gay man in the Xhosa community. Xhosa is one of the largest ethnic populations within the Rainbow Nation.

The film caused a lot of commotion in South Africa when it appeared, although there was an Oscar nomination for best foreign film. After intense protests, the film was banned from the South African cinemas early this year. Nakhane felt broken as he mentioned on  Twitter; ‘raw as a fresh wound’.

Broken but not defeated, his music frees his soul he says. On his album ‘You Will Not Die’ Nakhane  raises all the heavy subjects and  taboos in his Xhosa community while coming out as a gay man; self-acceptance, finding an identity, anonymous sex, confusion, leaving his church and religion and finding his own spirituality.

nakhane you will not die album cover

source: NRC Handelsblad 19th April 2018- Amanda Kuyper

Bad Omen –Freshlyground’s concert in Harare on October 1st cancelled. Read more

The South African band Freshlyground, well known since they delivered “Waka Waka”, the official song for the last FIFA World Cup in South Africa, is banned from Zimbabwe and can not enter the country.

The authorities have withdrawn the work permits of the band, for a concert they would give this coming October 1st in the capital Harare, because of the just-released song “Chicken To Change” in which the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is being ridiculed.

Especially the music video for the song went down the wrong way with the Zimbabwean authorities according to manager Sarah Barnett.  The clip was made by the people behind SA News, a South African variant of the political puppet show Spitting Image.

In the videoclip  a latex doll reads the “Bob’s Times” while being escorted in a limousine through the ruined streets of Harare…clearly Old Bob was not amused.

Lyrics  ‘Zvingashure’ (Bad Omen)  by James Chimombe and the O.K. Success

Fellows, you have let me down

You have seen and allowed me

To spend all my money on women

Now the cold has come

I have no jacket, no jersey, no blanket

My friend, buy a blanket

But how can I buy one?

I have no more money left

I am unemployed, there is no way out

Had I known I can help

The married are wise

They have somebody to advise them

That is true

James Chimombe & The O.K. Success -Zvingashure

Probably this reportage on street children in Harare, Zimbabwe was banned by Robert Mugabe as well.

Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children

From BAFTA-winning director Jezza Neumann and BAFTA-winning producer, Xoliswa Sithole, a powerful tale unfolds of the gaping chasm between what these children hope for and what their country can currently provide.

A loss of opportunity.