Yuletide Griots Riot

last Christmas my review and mix of the past year represented the fertile music of South Africa, this year Soul Safari criss-crosses the whole continent in search of music treasures.

From Sub-Saharan Africa up to Algeria, with the accent on the stringed instrument; guitar, cora, the oud, sekhankula and the Nguni string bow. And poetic stories, in words and mood.

Traditional griot music meets the seductive charm from Algeria, cora from Senegal by Bakary Sissoko and Daouda Diabaté blends seamlessly with pure guitar poetry from Francis Bebey…a Nguni Christmas song by Princess Constance Magogo, jazz & happy Jive from South Africa, Congolese soukous and  rhumba by Orchestre Loga, Nigerian juju dub from Dele Abiodun.

A surprising discovery this year was this album from 1984, ‘Très Fâché, Très Fâché‘ by guitar player and singer Rémi Sah’lomon et Le Matanga from Brazzaville, Congo. Rémi was bassist, singer of varieties, arranger of the National Youth Orchestra of Congo, and at the same time the second bassist in L’ Orchestra Bantou. He made his debut in L’Orchestra Siza Kotoko Ya Gaby. Great soukous tracks on this album!

A selection of  recent finds from the past year mixed with a few timeless classics from the Soul Safari archives. Now, what more can one wish for the Yuletide season?

01. Francis Bebey -Jesu, que ma joie demeure

02. P. Ben Mouhamed & M. Idir -A Vava Inou Va

03. Bakary Sissoko & Daouda Diabaté -Diaka

04. Princess Constance Magogo KaDinuzulu -Bambulal’ uJesu yamaJuda (The Crucified Jesus of the Jews)

05. Raisse Omar Ouhrouche -M’sak Salkhir Awali Ghetella Nite

06. Remi Sah’lomon et le Matanga -Africa Matanga

07. Akendenuge -Aiyan

08. Vicky & L’Orchestre OK Jazz -Mwana Ponaka

09. Opic 17 -Orchestre Lago -Okoyoka Eloko Pona Zuwa

10. Mthunzini Girls -Uyangibiza

11. Elias Mathebula & The Chivani Sisters -Ntela A Tingangeni

12. Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje -Omzala Bakho

13. Dele Abiodun -Confrontation Adawa Super Dub

Yuletide Griots Riot / DivShare

Happy Holidays!

best wishes for the Yuletide season from Soul Safari

Sissoko Bakary & Daouda Diabaté -Des Ballets Africains De Keita Fodéba. Vogue EPL 7256

Bakary Sissoko and Daouda Diabaté, two griots  fed to the purest traditions of Africa. The first is from Senegal, the second came from Sudan.

Bakary and Daouda  met under the aegis of Keita Fodéba, the Guinean poet  who became the first to explore  black folklore in his famous Ballets Africains, formed in Paris in 1952

The music of the Mandinke people of the southern part of Senegal is being presented on this 4-track EP.

Sissoko Bakary et Daouda Diabaté  -des ballets Africains de Keita Fodéba.  Seven-inch 45 rpm EP disc. Vogue EPL 7256

A1 Boundessa with choir of men and women

A2 Sidiyela with choir of men and women

B1 -Alalake with choir of men and women

B2 Diaka


Composed By – Keita Fodéba

Cora – Daouda Diabaté

Maracas – Ambroise

Tom Tom [Tam-tam] – Raphaël Wigbert

Vocals, Cora – Bakary Sissoko