Soul Safari mix 4 The Raindance Project

people rise together when they believe in tomorrow

Soul Safari is proud to be part of the program for the Raindance Project on Saturday, September 14, 2019. As DJ I will be playing two sets with African music.

The Soul Safari mix 4 The Raindance Project mix was produced exclusively for the project as a taster of things to come…. this mix of 60 minutes contains some of my own tracks like a great remix of ‘Coral Reef’ sung in Xhosa, and a few of my own new tracks influenced by South Africa roots music. As well as a few favorite tunes by Black Motion, live recorded in The Boiler Room, Johannesburg.


see also Poem For A Coral Reef by Yemu Matibe & Alungile Sixishe; Musique Exotique

The Raindance Project.
Dancing for a greener planet.

Party in the Vondelpark Amsterdam.

Three simultaneous and freely accessible events, in The Netherlands, Kenya and Tanzania. Music, dance, performing arts, education, comedy and science come together on one stage. The project is being launched in the Vondelpark Open Air Theater in Amsterdam, with the highlight being a live connection between the three events that everyone can follow.

Poem for a Coral Reef -Select 4 update & new remix

for over a year now, you have chosen poem for a Coral Reef by Yemu Matibe and Alungile Sixishe-Musique Exotique to be the most popular post on this blog so far.  Thank you!

Even more so, I am happy to announce that Claude Challe & Jean-Marc Challe, über DJ’s from Paris have selected the song ‘Poem for a Coral Reef’ as the opening of their new compilation ‘Select 4 -Music For Our Friends’

 Indeed a great pleasure to be in the company of artists as diverse and inspirational….this compilation has a truely worldwide appeal and the selection of exotic moods and timed moodswings is phenomenal.

Orlando Voorn

Furthermore, Dutch wunderkind producer/DJ Orlando Voorn has  remixed the original of  ”Coral Reef” into a driving, punchy powerful groove that blends  traditional African instruments like kalimba in perfect unision with electronic dance music….

Hear the remix and see the video here  

Downloads at Beatport

Poem For A Coral Reef by Yemu Matibe & Alungile Sixishe; Musique Exotique

Once you have seen the splendor of coral reefs it’s easy to imagine that this underwater world is so fragile. That their existence is linked immediately to climate change is an indicator of the ecological distress on the planet caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases.

High ocean temperatures are taxing the organisms most sensitive to them, the shallow-water corals that create some of the world’s most vibrant and colorful seascapes . Coral reefs also harbor perhaps a quarter of all marine species, including a profusion of fish. Worldwide, corals are reacting to the changing temperatures of the oceans by bleaching, or shredding their color and going into survival mode.

This process has been going on ever since 1983 when the first large-scale weather event known as El Nino hit the Eastern Pacific and the Caribbean. Serious regional bleaching has occurred intermittently ever since the 1983 disaster. And it looks like it’s not going to stop…*

*Excerpts from an article by Justin Gillis -The International Herald Tribune

So I feel that the time is right for a poem, a text I wrote on the beauty of coral reefs, ecosystems in peril. The translation from English to Xhosa was done by Lunga Heleni. The song was recorded in South Africa during February 2009 at Sonic Art studio in  Grahamstown.


Young Xhosa singer Yemu Matibe who studies at Grahamstown’s Rhodes University sings the operatic parts and Alungile Sixishe recites the text. The song is based upon ‘Dido & Anaïs’ by Händel. Musical accompaniment  by Brazilian guitarist Nelson Latif and South African maestro James Foerie on kalimba and percussion. Piano by Coen Molenaar, cello by Bonno Lange.

Original version of  ‘Coral Reef ‘ from the album ‘Musique Exotique’ 

P + © Ubuntu Publishing 2010. catalog nr. UP 2010.002 CD

(poem for a) Coral Reef  -English lyrics

by Eddy De Clercq

Eternal source of color and light

a world without seasons

a world without reason

no day nor night

flowers born out of rock and sand

a garden untouched by human hand

rays of light break thru emerald

fish disappearing in deep blue depths

clouds of silver shimmering

vibrating pulse of life

thru misty depths of deep dark

full of unseen creatures

that crawl along the bottom

hide in cracks and holes of the reef

change color quickly

hide in a cloud of inky water

down here floating over the coral reef

this deafening silence that surrounds me

once man has seen this beauty

will he understand his own belief?

(poem for a) Coral Reef –Ikorale yoqaqa lolwandle -Xhosa lyrics

translated by Lunga Heleni

Mthombo wanaphakade wombala nokhanyo

Ilizwe ngaphandle kwamaxesha onyaka

Ilizwe ngaphandle kwezizathu

Kungekho suku nabusuku

Zintyatyamb’ ezizelelw’ ematyeni nasesantini

Sitiya esingachukunyiswanga sandla samntu

Matha okhanyo aqhekeza ngapha kwe – emeraldi

Ntlanzi ezinyamalalela kwiinzulw’ eziluhlaza

Mafu esilivere amenyezelayo

Intontozo esukumayo yobomi

Kwiinzulu ezinkungwana zobunzul’ obumnyama

Zizele zizilo ezingekabonwa

Zikhasela kumazantsi olwandle

Zizimele kumathanda nasemingxunyeni yoqaqa lolwandle

Zijik’ umbala msinyane

Zizimele kwilifu lamanz’ aluzizi

Ezantsi apha zidada ngaphaya kwekorale yolwandle

Lenzolw’ ibang’ ubuthul’ obundingqongayo

Xa umntu ethe wabona obubuhle

Angayiqonda na eyakhe inkolelo?

© Eddy De Clercq/Ubuntu Publishing 2010