Play Of The Day -Malombo -Marabi -1976 SA Jazz

Here’s a single released in South Africa in 1976, taken from the album ‘Pele Pele’ by Malombo.

Malombo -Marabi pt 1

The group Malombo,  led by multi-instrumentalist Phillip Tabane, is one of South Africa’s longest standing groups.

Initially operating as The Malombo Jazzmen with Abe Cindi (flute) and Julian Bahula (percussion) in the 1960’s, the group evolved to Malombo.

The instrumentation is unconventional – African drums and hand percussion, interplaying with Tabane’s unique guitar, vocal, and flute sounds. Tabane blends traditional compositions and cultural themes with his acoustic sounds.

Internationally acclaimed, Tabane has toured extensively in Europe and the United States, performing at the Apollo Theatre (New York) and the Montreux Jazz Festival, amongst others.

Phillip Tabane & Malombo live at The Market Theatre Johannesburg.