Funk Soul Brothers -part 4- The Special Five -Ngicela Uxolo -organ/zulu soul rarity 1984

the special 5 cover front gecomp

funky guitar disco-vibes, good soul vocals and some quirky organ sounds…nothing more, nothing less. Any info on this obscure South African band The Special Five is welcome….

the special 5 cover back gecomp


the special 5 ngicela uxolo label A gecomp watermarked

The Special Five -Ngicela Uxolo

The Special Five -Abase Khweni

The Special Five -We’ Mtanomuntu

The Special Five -Nazi Izinintombi

The Special Five -Wenzani Lomfana

the special 5 ngicela uxolo label B gecomp watermarked

The Special Five -Umjondolo

The Special Five -Mzayoni

The Special Five -Nokuthula

The Special Five -Mama Wami

The Special Five -Thina Amabhungu



Funk Soul Brothers – part 2-The Flaming Souls ‘Soul Time’ 1969 South Africa

Funk Soul Brothers -part 1-SUPER SOUL by THE SOUNDS 1974

Funk Soul Brothers -part 1-SUPER SOUL by THE SOUNDS 1974

The late 1960s saw the rise of American soul music in South Africa. Singers like Wilson Pickett and Percy Sledge were very popular, as well as the sound of instrumental groups like Billy Larkin & The Delegates and especially Booker T & The MG’s. The latter inspired many local South African musicians to enter the field with an electric organ, a bass-and-drum rhythm section and an electric guitar. The Sound of A New Generation was born and lasted until the mid 70s when disco took over…

Combined with a typical South African approach the sound evolved slowly into a funky soul-jazz mutation, released on small independent labels like Dawn or Atlantic City. But more on that later…

To kick off a new series of instrumental soul-jazz records in which I highlight some exceptional great local artists here is the LP SUPER SOUL BY THE SOUNDS on the Number One label from 1974 . Not much is known on the members of this band that  consisted of mainly session musicians; C. Dlathu who went to produce singer Paul Ndlovu later on in the 80s, C. Malete who was the drummer  in 1987 on Margaret Singana’s world hit “We Are Growing – Shaka Zulu”, B.D.Seathlolo and S. Msimongo. The music is a great mix of jazz, funk and soul, fantastic rhythms….

The Sounds super soul LP voor -WATERMARKEDThe Sounds super soul LP back-WATERMARKED

The Sounds -Super Soul

(Number One -N 9047-1974 South Africa)

The Sounds super soul LP LABEL a -WATERMARKED

Too Much

Real Kaapstad

Let’s Have It

Bushy Mayanka

Lost Feeling

Feel It

The Sounds super soul LP LABEL b -WATERMARKED

Thiba Kamoo

Coming Home

I Can’t Help It

I’m Sorry

Good People

Lonely People

SA boogie/disco/Mbaqanga & some rare jazz























and a few rare field recordings as well….

AFRICAN SANCTUS – For African tapes, choir, operatic soprano, light soprano, shouter, African drummer, rock drummers, two percussion, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, and Hammond M.100 organ.









rare recording of an actual auction of tobacco in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Published by Tobacco Auctions Limited, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia


Play Of The Day -The Blue Revues -Spook Mahala

Blue Monday…what a start of the week! Yesterday, the great American soul singer Solomon Burke died on early Sunday morning at Schiphol Airport just after landing our shores for a one-off concert with Dutch band De Dijk. Burke literally died in harness, on his way to a live-show at the age of 70, leaving a wife, 21 children and numerous grandchildren. A real soul man gone to Soul Heaven. You will be able to read Burke’s full biography elsewhere but to start this post I have selected one song I have always loved from  the bottom of my heart,  ‘Cry To Me’.

Solomon Burke -Cry To Me

And an instrumental South African tune that just happened to be on the stack of my pile ready for posting as Play Of The Day.  Reminiscent in style of bands like Makhona Tshohle Band and Indoba Band. A jazzy tune with a blues undertone, a lighthearted soulful tune from 1984. Not really a mourner but rather to cheer things up….RIP Solomon Burke. You will be missed.

The Blue Revues -Spook Mahala